Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodbye Trixie

Over 12 years ago, a bundle of joy was brought into our house. When dad and Tess carried her into the house in that shopping bag, little did we know that our life was about to change forever! For day one, we called her ‘Trina’ and she didn’t respond to the name. So we decided that it was time to change the name. ‘Trixie’, we decided it was; and believe it or not, she responded to the name from the moment she heard it for the first time. So TRIXIE it was to be. 

Day 2 of her being in the house; and we were still not used to having a lil four legged baby running around in the house. When mom opened the door that morning to get in the milk; we heard a yelp. Trixie had also come running to the door to check who the ‘intruder’ was, her watchdog instincts in place ever since that day. Mumma hadn’t remembered to check for the lil one, and had accidentally opened the door onto her paw. We all checked her for any other signs of hurt, and noticed that her paw was bleeding. I still remember how much everyone had cried that day. Although in retrospect it may sound funny and silly, but we were genuinely upset that day. 

Today, we all cried for her once again. Over 12 years later, we bade goodbye to the love of our life. Trixie was gone – forever this time. She will be sorely missed. I still can’t believe she won’t come running to the door to wag her tail till it threatens to separate from her body. I can’t believe she will never lick my nose again. I can’t believe she won’t scratch my leg when she wants to be touched. I can’t believe there will be no endless barks on the night when the other dogs of the area decide to sing in harmony. I can’t believe I won’t have to kick her off the bed coz she was taking up more place than I could ever do. I can’t believe I’ll never see her again. I’ll miss you, my love! I’ll miss you!
Trixie – a friend, a sister, a lover, a dog!!!