Monday, October 23, 2006

Thy name is woman..

Wat is it that makes woMEN different from MEN??Dont they both have the word "men" in them..isnt that a lil biased..Literally speaking,the word women describes us as being those who "woo" that all we are worth??
Wat is it that makes us different from men???
Is it only the Biological differences??
Women are said to be more in touch with their emotional side..This is often looked at as their weakness..Isnt it unfair??
A woman who is not afraid of speaking her mind is looked at as being "aggressive"..Is that the right adjective to be used for her??"AGGRESSIVE"..The term has a certain violent ring to it..
What bout the manuscripts of "MANUSMRITI" that have been the point of arguments for many male chauvinists till date..They have legitimised their ill treatment of women on the basis of this manuscript which is highly demeaning to women..
What about the increasing no.of abortions of female fetuses??Where does that fall into this already marred picture of the women in countries like India, Pakistan n Bangladesh..The most surprising part of it is that these abortions take place most commonly in the urban areas..This seems highly contradictory of the levels of education that are available in these areas..
There is a lot more that I have to say about issues like these..My feelings about these issues are so strong that talking about them itself sucks energy out of I shall halt my words here..