Friday, May 29, 2009

Tabiness unveiled!!!

So Tabi writes all these posts... Says she has the key to the world of Tabiness...Tells you about her family, ex bf, friends, male BFFs and Jecky too!!! But who is Tabi?? Lets try n analyze that lil thought for awhile!!!

Name : Tabitha Thomas

A.K.A.: Tabi, Tabsi, Tabz, Tabutai, n the latest one is 'T'; but 'T' is a patented name, so you cant think of using it for me now!!!

Age: Currently 21, turnin 22 this year

Relationship status: At the brink of a newly formed relationship (No more questions pls)

Educational Qualifications: B.A. in Sociology from St.Xavier's College, Mumbai

Future plans:


  • Wanna pursue my Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

Work wise:
  • Have started my own venture titled 'Evolution Events and Promotions' wid Mr.Bhavik;
  • Another venture plan wid a certain company
  • Handlin PR and Marketing for a website called
So wat is a typical 'Tabi' day like??

There is no definite answer to that (and this suits me the best coz i hate monotony). Every day is different and unique... After I left college, post my graduation, I haven't really had a routine of sorts (except for the short times that I held 9-5 kinda jobs)

How is today gonna be? (29th May, 2009)
I just got back from Dombivali today morn (had gone there to visit the cousins) and am as tired as hell rite now (Perhaps I look as hell as well; lemme check)

I plan on goin back to Dombivali in the afternoon again, since my dearest friend Samip wants to get a tattoo done from another friend of mine who has his workshop at Dombivali!!! So up n down it is for me...

Tia (my neice) woke up cryin today (she saw a bad dream) and was quite pleased to see me back home (she was missin me awwwwwwwwwww) !!! So now am sittin wid her (alongside me she sits) and helpin her out wid her colourin book...

Bhavik bhai will call me in sometime (am sure) and we will discuss work (as usual) and plan things... (we plan really well... So when u need a weddin planner, make sure its us!!)

I will go on to talk to the new Mr. RB in my life (heeheehee)... I love the feelin of bein wid someone and having someone to be wid u!!! So will talk to RB until he can (he works)... What's great is that we both r scorpions!!!

Random facts:

  • My previous relationship was a 3 yr relationship that didn't work out (for whatever reasons); but luckily for us we are still in touch!!!
  • I have been stubborn (ever since I can remember) and my sis used to call me 'Terror Tabi!!!
  • I used to write a diary...Haven't been regular recently!!!
  • I am missin spendin time wid Hiral (classmate from school) , cant believe she is gettin married this yr!!!
  • Andria, my BFF from college, is leavin Mumbai this year... Am sooooo sad!!! Am gonna miss tat girl... She's angry wid me (for all the rite reasons); but I am just unable to get myself to face her!!!
  • Diksha is still my fav BFF!!! (Yipeeeeeeeeee)
  • I miss the whacky times spent wid Kavita, Tasha, Ron, Frames, Foehn, Nitin, Nidhi!!!
  • A pigeon has laid 2 eggs in the grill of the hallroom window!!!
  • Dad's busy rearrangin things in the house ( he loves doin that )
  • I am plannin on readin (continuing the book is more like it) 'The World Is Flat'
  • I wanna take a trip (mebbe wid RB)
  • Trixie darlin is happy to c me home!!!1 Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I missed her a lot man!!!
  • I feel the need to go to Xavier's soon again... Missin college...
  • I have gotten back to bloggin wid a vengeance!!!
  • When it comes to jeans, my loyalties lie wid Pepe...
  • I wanna get more piercings on my ear (I have 5 on each ear and one nose piercing already)
I am runnin outta things to say rite now.. Haven't slept the whole nite!!! So am sleeeeeepyyyy... Goodnite/morn for now!!! Cya later!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Familial Ties

As I went through my mails today, I came across this one statement in some random fwded mail, that caught my attention

This is a totally true statement.. Anyone and everyone who shares basic cordial relationships with his/her family would agree wid me here (I can almost see you shaking ur heads in agreement)...

If I have to begin talking bout my family, I would (no I definitely will) win the award for the most long running post of the century... So to make this a lil more enjoyable (and to make for easy readin), am gonna split up the posts!!! The corresponding posts may or may not have a direct relation to the previous and need not be in continuation either...

Lemme introduce you to the cast in question here (my beloved family)... Luckily for me; all of us are blessed with a NONsense of humour!! Lolz!!

Dadda , Mamma (who generally stay at Muscat)
Tony (My bro), Amrita (sis in law), Tia (their daughter and my neice)
Tessie (My sis who I lovingly call Tessa) and Sam (bro in law)
Trixie (ma beloved four legged friend - ma doggie)

Omanty (my mom's sister) and her hubby
Sheena a.k.a Sheensi (daughter) Aneesh (Son)

Sumanty (mom's youngest sis) and hubby
Yash a.k.a Sonu and Shrey a.k.a Babloo (their sons)

Dony and Delfi (Mom's 1st cousins)
Minni (Dony's wifey)
Johnson (Delfi's hubby)

Okay Okay, I'm slowing down... Dont worry...Am not expectin u to remember all these names... You will get familiarized wid them in the comin posts!!!

These are the members of my family that I have a feeling I am gonna write about... Generally a person writin bout family would prefer to start off by writing bout immediate family; I, however, choose to write bout my lil adventures wid my kid cousins ova the last one week... (Typically Tabi to choose the unexpected topics)

The last couple of weeks have been harrowing for me, wid pressure on me to choose wat course I wanna pursue when it comes to my further studies!!! Is it advertising and marketin or do I wanna do my event mgmt?? Questions questions and some more questions!!

I needed a break, and jus wen I needed it, my favourite people in the world (I love mom n dad too; so dont get judgemental or nethin) called and told me that we were to meet at Sheensi's place...It promised to be a fun week, wid Omanty, Sheensi, Aneesh, Sumanty, Sonu and Babloo... I was, as always, gonna be the garnish!!!

This time, however, given my time constraints, I would only be able to give em a day or so.... Work's been keepin me busy!!! (Read BHAVIK)

I reached here on sunday afternoon... And as most sunday afternoons are, this one was as lazy as the laziest of em!!!

The kids (read sonu and babloo), aunta n sheensi were playin monopoly!!! The new and improved monopoly (available only at select outlets - Big Bazaar, Lifestyle, etc), now includes a debit card of sorts!!! No more paper money!!! No torn notes, No flyaways!!! The world is turnin into one huge plastic globe!!!

I couldn't really get a hang of the game... So I just watched!!! We went on to play the game at nite as well!!! But all that only after our usual evening teas (coupled with our usual gossip sessions and giggly us)

I was to leave the next day (Monday); but as expected, I never got down to to leaving the next day!!! I eventually left only on Wednesday... (Tis also was outta sheer lack of choice, Wednesday was my neice Tia's bday!!! So we all headed back to my place to wish the lil one!!! She turned 5 today)

The 4 days spent in Dombivali seemed like a break, a much needed one!!! Our days were spent playin Monopoly and Stock Exchange!!!

Stock Exchange happens to be one of the more interesting and informative games I have seen in recent times!! The game involves the shares of 5 companies being traded wid a fixed amount being given out the players at the beginning of the game... It is especially an apt game for sonu n babloo given the fact that their dadda dearest deals wid the share market in reality.. It gave them an idea about the kind of tensions that he deals with in real life!!!

All the days spent wid these members of my family turn out to be enjoyable n funny to the core... We always come back smilin, wishin we had more time together!!!

I mite end up writin more about these few days (at Dombivali) in the days to come!!! So watch this space for more!!!


Nightlife part 2

My stories about nightlife in Mumbai are as colourful as they are varied!!! I am now gonna tell you about a few interesting people I met coz of nightlife in Mumbai and its effects on me!!!

Hawaiin Shack has to be the one place instrumental in having gotten me introduced to some amazin people (some forgettable; others not)

This time, however, I choose to begin with a certain Mr. A that I met at A thumb, but like a diamond amongst pebbles!!!

It all began this way... 2 of my female friends, my ex n me decided to go to Hawaiin one obscure wednesday nite!!! (FYI, Hawaiin is generally crowded on wednesdays owing to the 'midweek' concept) It definitely was crowded.. Since Soh didnt wanna stay on the ground floor n preferred listening to Hip-Hop, we decided to go to the 1st floor... (Shacks allows you to choose btwn the 1st n the ground floor, with the djs playin retro on the ground floor n hip hop/bollywood on the 1st!!!)

Soh, Ak, Bipin n me began dancing.. Soon Ak noticed a guy.. She found him cute.. Awwww!!! He was cute.. "Tabi, you have a boyfriend and he is rite here wid u", I reminded myself...

As irony would have it (or as life wud) it turned out that he seemed more interested in Soh!!! So we asked Soh to go for it!!! He bought us a round of drinks (Yipeeeeeeeeee) and then we went out for a smoke, coz he needed one!!!

While we were in the smoker's lounge, he asked us wat our plans were after the Shack closes down? (which was somewhere around 1:30 a.m.) We didnt have plans.. N that's exactly what we told him.. He then suggested we cud all go to his place, since he stayed in Andheri n his flatmates were outta town or we cud also ask his friend for some suggestions!!!

That's when it struck me; he did have someone else sittin wid him when we had entered... Hadnt seen that guy for a long time after those initial few glances exchanged!!! "So where is your friend?", I asked... "He's havin a hookah upstairs !!" (One more speciality of Hawaiin shack)

Post 1:30, when Shack was finally closin down, we all gathered for a final meet... We were still unsure bout our plan, when Adil's (the cute guy) friend came down.. That's when I saw him for the 1st time!! "Avinash", he introduced himself; and gave me one of the firmest handshakes I have ever received.. I was impressed!!! Avinash suggested that we go back to his thane place since it was an empty flat!!! More alcohol was collected on the way and we were on our way back to thane!!!

Mr. Avinash turned out to be a really chilled out guy!!! We spent the entire nite drinkin and singin ghazals!!! What a lovely nite that was!!!

Around 3 hours later, I looked around and noticed that Adil n Soh weren't in the room!! Ak n Bips had slept off... N Avi n I were left awake!!! That's the exact moment when we started talkin for the 1st time!!!

Avi later took me for one of his workshop thingies!!! Was a lotta fun... He also introduced me to Erica... I have been able to keep in touch with Adil, Erica and Avi... So Hawaiin Shack, I can proudly say, was the place I was destined to meet these 3 people (tho thats not technically where I met Erica) ... Had it not been for that one night out on the town, I would still have been oblivious to their existence!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Male BFF !!!!

Everyone writes about their friends or about their families...Today am gonna write bout a man who makes it to both the categories for me!!!

He is definitely the first of his kind in my life!!! He is my first ever 'Girlfriend'... I cant call him anythin else!!! Coz here is a man who understands me better than most of my chicka friends... I can talk to him through the nite... Bytch bout the women creatin havoc in my life... Hug him when I need a big manly hug.... Have him snuggle up to me sometimes when he needs me to pamper him!!! But all in all he is my 'dadda' in disguise!!! Constantly lookin out for me, like no one has ever b4!!!

He is one man who I can sock in the face when am angry and who I can blabber out the darkest confessions to knowin that he will never eva tell anyone (even if he does, he wont give out my identity; or so i hope!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr)

He is definitely my BFF... N for those of you girls who do not wat categories of Male BFFs u need to have, I am gonna give u a small run through the categories... Every female needs to have male friends like these!!!

1. The macho man - He is the kinda man who will take care of u... No matter where u r... No more eve teasin atleast when he's around!!! Constantly flexin those muscles, he will look like
ur very own personal bouncer

2. The poet - He is the man who is in touch wid his emotional side and has no issues with emoting himself.. This is the kinda man who will write lovely poetry for u (yea, men can do that for friends too) He will keep u on ur toes constantly and make sure u always know wats on the Top 10 list of Crosswords!!!

3. The sensitive man - He is like the guy who you can run to when u need a listenin ear!!! He is there for u, wid a handkerchief ready!!! Love these kinds.. Personal favourites!!!

4. The techie - He is the guy who is gonna take care of all those innumerable virus infections on your computer.. He is gonna answer all your technology related queries even if its 4 in the morn!!!

5. The mechanic - This is a guy who is good wid cars.. he will be reminding u bout the last time you changed your car's oil... Etc etc etc.. You get the point.. Dont u??

6. The biker - This is the man who gets
ur whacky side out.. You can go on long bike rides wid the man... This is a man who doesnt care wat ur hair looks like, if its helmet hair that u've got!!! Actually helmet hair is better!!!

7. The softie - He is the man who will do the romantic things that you wanna do wid a man (excludin the sex)... You can go for quiet lil dinners.. Discuss philosophy ova wine... (If luck has rite, he mite be gay... so no sex for u here girl)

8. The BFF - For all those of you who dont know wat it stands for, BFF means 'Best Friend Forever'.. A BFF then is someone who has a lil of all these qualities rolled into one, or atleast knows how to make u feel like the center of their world, when u dont hav a lover to do so for u!!!

To all my male friends, this is my way of saluting you and all the times you guys have been there for me!!! Love ya'll!!!

Dr. Jecky and Tabi Hydes!!!

It is only recently that I started working wid tis website called I handle the PR and Marketin of this website...

But this is definitely not the 1st time I have been introduced to the concept of clubs, pubs, lounges, etc!!! This is a sphere wherein I found my footing ever since I was younger...

The best part bout the way I look is that I could pass off as a 22 yr old even when I was 16. Lolz... The joys of life!!!

I still remember the 1st time I entered a club was one christmas... This happened thanks to a certain friend of mine (Let's call her Diane for now....Wudnt wanna take her name here) A very flustered Diane called me one christmas...When she called up, she didn't even wish me 'Merry christmas'.. Her opening statements were 'You've gotta help me!!! Please Please Please!!!' I kept wondering wat was happenin... Had something gone wrong? Terribly wrong!!!

'Whats wrong girl?' I asked... After hearin her reply I couldn't help but laugh.. Actually it was more like ROFL!!!! The guy she had a crush on had asked her out.. They were to go to a club at Pheonix Mills for the Christmas bash there... But the issue was that he had just started drivin, so his parents wouldn't give him the car... He would get the car only if his cousin could come along with him... His cousin was 22 and had been drivin for 4 yrs!!!

So she needed a date for the chaffeur cousin!! N who better than Tabi dearest!!! So Tabi to the rescue it was... I decided to go.. Then she gave me the good news... I had to wear green, silver, red or white since it was a christmas bash!!! I, Tabi, was officially gonna look like a christmas tree... And I had the balls (the chaffeur cousin) for decoration... All I could do now was pray that he was cute lookin or could atleast talk!!! (and was non gujju)

Coz I used to pray everyday and God loves me very much, He sent for me the young and not so dashing Mr. Jecky... Oh yeah!! That's his name... Nothin nicknamey bout it!!! Jecky it was... he was gonna be my date for the nite!!!

The unmistakeable accent (gujju ofcourse) was made worse by the fact that he had jus come down from Gujarat) !!! The rest of the nite, as goes widout sayin, was a disaster!!!!

That nite passed (dont ask me how).. I hate Diane till date!!! But worse was to come.. Around a month later I received a call from a certain Deepak...This is wat the conversation sounded like:

T: Hello
D: Hello!! Is dees Taybee?
T: Yes this is Tabi... Who is this?
D: Dees is Deepak!!! Jecky's frand!!!
T: Why did u call me?
D: Jecky is a bery deer frand of mine... he tell me dat eef u evar go to mumbai, u shud be callin Taybee, she is a dearest frand and will go wid u to the deesco!!!
T: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt?
D: Hello?? Hello??

The joys of Nightlife didnt come easy eh!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A life of my own

Whoever thought that it was impossible to live life king-size (unless ur Vijay Mallaya of course) didn’t know what the good life looks like… Look at me today… I may not be bringin in the moolah (mebbe not yet) but I sure am making foolproof plans to make sure that happens… And this doesn’t happy as easily as I put it… It takes all the hard work in the world!!! But I know that I have embarked on the path... It seems all rosy from where others see it… But the work comes fourfold too… I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur!!! It would be super cool to run something of your own… But basically it was the idea of being one’s own boss that gave me the high I was lookin for!!! It comes with its share of pros n cons… Will keep u posted bout wats happenin in our lives (Bhavik, my entrepreneurial partner and me) Watch this space for more!!!