Friday, December 26, 2008

A tribute to my roomies!!!

This particular entry of mine is a tribute to all those women out there who wanted to live life according to their own terms..

Am gonna take you into some background in order for everyone reading this to get a hang of wats happening in my life!!!

Akshata n me go a long way back...we knew each other ever since the first grade of school...N then we went on to become the best of buddies in the fifth grade!!! I had my first ever night out wid her n another buddy aditi...She is not only my friend, but her family n my family have also known each other for years now...

So there you go, you get the jazz bout how well connected we were - akshata n me!!!

But then again, it wasnt as though things between us were perfect, we had our share of ups n downs, n luckily for us, we survived em all!!

Lets fast forward to rite now...Things are completely different today....She's my ROOMIE rite now!!!

Akshu n me moved in around a coupla weeks earlier!!! Things cudnt get much better...Its so much fun livin wid her...We both share similar interests...n now we share a house too!!!

Life doesnt get much better than this..The cleanin, washin n payin of bills is for us to do!! But tat doesnt mean we cant handle it... Life's just begun for both of us, fresh-outta-college girls...But its sure lookin upwards for now!!!