Tuesday, November 28, 2006

welcome back tabi

I am totally aware of the fact that it has been quite a while since i last wrote...maybe my mind is just rotting..thats why i decided to write once again..But what is it that i should write about??Does this post also have to be as strong and as loud as the previous one???Do my posts have to compete against each other??
Blah...Tats all bulls**t..
Today am gonna write about TRUST...eva heard of the word "TRUST"??
Goddamn it..obviously..everyone has heard of the word "trust"..
We use it everyday..atleast most of us who are in love (or atleast claim to be in love) find the need to use it in our daily terminology..
"Don't you trust me,honey???"
"This wouldn't have happened had u TRUSTED me"..
Sounds familiar??

But then again..How important is "TRUST" in any relationship???
This is a question i saw myself rappling wid today...Lets not get into the nitty-gritties of why i felt like answering this question today..was just faced wid a situation of that sort...

why should we trust???whom should we trust??when should we start trusting??when should we stop trusting??who decides all this??

Why is it so difficult to trust someone whom we love soooo much...Shouldn't we find it easier to trust our love much more easily???Then why is that they are the first ones we tend to doubt..The moment someone tells us something bout em,why do we jump to conclusions..

why why why???????????

why cant we learn to trust more openly??wat does it take to trust???

This is an observation that i have made...All of us want to be trusted...But find it highly difficult to trust..

So which one requires more guts??Trusting or being trusted???
A question worth askin??rite??


sepharic said...

real nice stuff tabi..i jus luvd d way u wrote it..keep d good work goin:)..mwaaaaahhh