Sunday, March 18, 2007

A tribute to us

The best of friends can change a frown
Into a smile when you feel down.
The best of friends will understand
Your little trials and lend a hand.
The best of friends will always share
Your secret dreams because they care.
The best of friends, worth more than gold,
Give all the love a heart can hold.
Whoever said that a boy n a girl cannot have a platonic relationship hadn't met Joel Rodrigues n me..This is the story of Joel n me...Our friendship...Our love...
This is a boy i met when i was 17..n he was 19...the first time we met itself,i knew i was in for a treat...though our second meeting didn't happen too soon...but when it happened,it was brilliant...before we knew it we were informed that we were to go to chennai together...(for some work obviously...lets not talk bout wat work..that will b a deviation..just stay wid me on this one)so it was decided Joel,Mary(another lovely person) and lil moi were to go to chennai together..i refer to myself as 'lil' coz i was the youngest of the 3...Mary n I met in time...N boarded the train...15 mins passed..there were just 2 mins left for the train to leave..n joel was nowhere to b seen..we were hyperventilating now...n there he our knight in shining armour...running as fast as he cud...he got in just in time...
Our initial conversations were a lil broken..I guess that was expected,considering the fact that we hardly knew each other...This fellow,however,made me feel so comfortable..felt like i had known him for ages...but there was somethin about his smilin face that spoke bout sadder times soon as i saw a glimpse of this in his eyes,i knew we were goin to b friends..coz common experiences were goin to bind us together...n thats exactly wat hpnd...the next few days were a rollercoaster ride...wid ppl labellin us as a couple...wid lotsa work to b done..wid lotsa new friends...wid loads n loads of quality time...this was one friendship that was gonna last the test of time...the days spent in chennai wid him were just soooo marvellous...will always hold a special place in my heart...(if ur wondering where mary went,then lemme inform u guys that her parents stay in she was stayin wid em...n joel n i stayed at AICUF HOUSE)...our trip to Marina beach was also a tale in itself...joel n i got separated from the rest of em...then it took us a while to get to the rest of em...considerin the fact that marina beach is the longest beach in india,it was no surprise that it took us time to search for em...this gave em even more reason to label us as a "couple very much in love"...but the funniest part is that joel n i were just too great friends to ever fall in love..y on earth wud we wanna jeopardize our friendship to fall in love...n like they say.."In the case of love,its the opposites that attract...but when it comes to friends,u can be mirror images of each other"...If joel n I were mirror images,we wud have to b distorted images of each other...
But at the end of the day,we r meant to b together...friends...forever...
If I were to ever have a friend
He would have to be like you.
The way we understood each other's silences
Stands as proof for our bond.
The love I feel for you
Has never ever faltered
I may have let you down
I may have hurt you bad
But every hurt you endured
Left its scars on me too.
And if there were came a time
When we would lose touch,
In my heart you would always remain,
My own distorted image.


Joel said...

I love lighting up people's day... or people's night (according to the need of the hour and time)

But when someone does it to me... it makes me wonder.

I dont stress my beliefs in KARMIC circles of influence so much. I believe that there is NO NECESSARY REASON for the good done to come back. Most of the time it doesnt.

But when sometimes we touch people even without the faintest idea.

I am still wondering what prompted you to write those lines... but i know that there will always be LOVE (i dont care what people say) in your heart for me... and by your blog i think there is enough for me to live a life all the WAY to ETERNITY

love me always...
li'l Joel

Marise said...

well said Tabitha .........