Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dreaming of you

Here I sit,

thinking only of you

Wondering what is to become of us

Understanding all you have been through

Hoping to slowly gain your trust

My heart aches for you,

and also I yearn

I want to understand you

In hopes that I will learn

Your unique and special qualities amaze me

Your smile

Your mind

Your voice and its beautiful sound

Your eyes

Your ability to cheer me up

When you see that I am down

My feelings for you go beyond that of words

And at first it didn't seem real

But that just taught me a lesson

In doubting what I feel

It seems I dreamed you into life

And the reason for my stare

The bluest sky

The deepest sea

Don't even compare

You're so very special in every single way

And thoughts of you

Run through my head

Every hour of the day

I hope that you will understand

Just how I feel about you

I want you to be my guiding hand

For all that I go through…