Monday, August 11, 2008

Loving slaps

Me being the feminist that I am, had done loads of research on why women continue in abusive relationships. Personally speaking, one of my closest friends was also in a turbulent relationship of similar sorts and I didn't see any reason why she wanted to continue being with that 'woman basher'. I hate those sort of men, who hit their women; and worst of all, expect to get away with it! What do they think we are? Silent cows?

Luckily for me, I was in love with a total gentleman. I had never seen him angry (unless occasional yelling on the phone was called angry). But this comforted me, especially coz I hadn't had very pleasant encounters with men before. Three years of being with him, and I was convinced I knew him inside out.

Then when I least expected it, catastrophe struck. Literally speaking, he slapped me across my cheek; really hard. All this coz he thought I was giving more attention to another man. I was being torn between two men at that point of time. Had found love in this man and a soulmate in another. But possessiveness got the better of him; and in a fit of rage, he hit me. My sweetheart hit me.

If you have been paying close attention to what I wrote in the 1st paragraph, you would know my reaction to this outburst. I yelled at him and hit him back. NOOOO...None of that happened. Instead, I found myself comforting him, coz by this time he was crying like a baby. Now I know how these things happen. Now I know how these relationships work out. I may not be in one any longer; but it makes sense now! Enlightenment!


Sameer said...

You are one of the most Beautiful Persons I've ever come across!!! Please be the same........Dont wanna comment on the guy who slapped you, but yes..........I liked your maturity in comforting him........Take care, Babez!!!

Tabitha said...

Okie..I understand ur concern.. If only I knew which Sameer this is, coz i dont seem to be able to access ur profile!!!1