Friday, July 03, 2009

Roll Another Joint

Before any of you get judgemental and condemn me for only puttin up lyrics in the forms of posts, I need to warn you that there is much more to tis post than meets the eye in the beginning..

Its bout a journey to another town called 'Wonderland' and returning unscathed!!

Let me run with you tonight
and i'll take you on a moonlight ride
There's someone i used to see
but she don't give a damn for me

But let me get to the point
Let's roll another joint
And turn the radio loud
I'm too alone to be proud
You don't know how it feels
You don't know how it feels
to be me...

People come People go
Some grow young Some grow cold
I woke up in between
A memory and a dream

So let's get to the point
Let's roll another joint
Let's head on down the road
There's somewhere I gotta go
And you don't know how it feels
You don't know how it feels
to be me...

My old man was born to rock
He's still tryin to beat the clock
Think of me what you will
I got a little space to fill

So let's get to the point
Let's roll another joint
Let's head on down the road
There's somewhere i gotta go

And you don't know how it feels
You don't know how it feels
No you don't know how it feels
to be me...
(These are the lyrics to Tom Petty's track 'Roll Another Joint'!!! )

It was just another day for Natasha (name changed on request)... She sat down, opened her lappy and started toyin around... Shuffling thru tracks.. Viewing images.. All of that jazz tat u do when ur really bored... But she was still bored.. Wonderin what to do wid this free time she had.. She wasnt used to havin free time!!! She decided to log into a yahoo chat room (loser I hear u say)

guy_from_mumbai: Do you want to s_x me?

hot_male_4_u: Would u wanna see my &%$^on cam?(Yeah whatever... Buzz off)

dark_chocolate: Heya...Wassup!!! How u doin girl!!! (Okay so this one seems different)

Conversation ensues..Nats gets to know that this guy is a buddin musician... Works in a call centre otherwise!!!They continue chattin for a while.. Its gettin even more interestin.. He seems to hav everything that she has ever looked for in a guy (well except the call centre job... she cud hav done wid better... but wat the heck!!!)

Our girl starts feelin sleepy now.. Eyes are gettin heavier... Starin at the screen is becomin a tedious job... So she decides to log out..
Nats: Okie.. I hate to cut tis short (well it's almost been like 1 1/2 hours now) but am really feelin sleepy now.. I cant look at a computer screen for any longer...

dark_chocolate: Hey.. can i ask u for somethin?? Wud u mind givin me ur no.. I cud call u rite now.. Am bored... N I hav really really enjoyed talkin to u all this time!!!

(Hmmmmmmm... Should I? Should I not?)
Before she knew it, she found her fingers typing out her no. "Why am I doing this? Giving my no. to a complete stranger?" Too late.. He was already calling!!!

Nats: Hello there!!!
Angelo: Hey woman.. Waddup... Am so happy you gave me ur no.!! I wudnt wanna lose touch wid u eva!!!
Nats: Y is tat?
Angelo: Cmon.. Dont temme you dont feel it?
Nats: What!! Feel wat!! (Hands tremblin)
Angelo: The connect.. Btwn u n me!!!
Nats: Errr.. What connect?
Angelo: Cmon girl.. Dont play 'hard to get'!!
Nats: (Blushin) Wellll...

The conversation ensued!!! They spoke about anything and everything under the sun (well almost)!!! Everything from his music, to world music, to sex, to weed.. "He dopes a lot", she thought to herself.. Well, weed seemed to be the only queen in his world and hashish the king!!

The talks continued.. For an entire week... The connect grew and wid it their longing to meet each other.. Seemed weird eh!! A woman of Natasha's stature, who hardly ever behaved illogically, behavin it the most absurd of manners.. Callin up a guy like Angelo, who she hardly knew, in every free wakin minute she could find!!

And then one week later, the ultimate call came...
Angelo: Hey suga!!!
Nats: (blushin) Hey baby!! How u doin!! (She loved it when he called her sugar)
Angelo: Sugar, lissen up baby, my friend's folks r pushin outta town for like a week.. We're all plannin to park our asses there.. Y dont u join us?
Nats: Errrrr.. Am not sure..
Angelo: What? U dont trust me sugar?

The arguments followed.. The pleading continued.. 5 days passed and she found herself sayin yes.. Did she jus say YES to spendin an entire nite wid a weird guy she met online wid weird dopie friends... Cooped up in a flat which was nethin but 2 hours away from her place!! Shaite... Quite a situation she had put herself into.. But she didnt wanna say no either.. It was more like, she couldnt say no... This guy, Angelo, he somehow seemed to be controllin her mind!! She wanted to break free and run.. But she cudnt.. An invisible trap seemed to be blockin her passage further or her escape to the exit where she came in from!!!

Finally she found herself alightin the train at the specified station.. "What am I doin here?"

She tried callin Angelo.. No answer.. Was tis somebody's idea of a joke? If it was, it definitely wasnt funny.. Coz it was already 11 p m in the nite.. Travellin back alone from this god forsaken place also didnt seem like such a welcomin idea... N the platforms were deserted... Not a single soul!!!

Suddenly her phone rings.. She's startled, drops of sweat beginning to form on her brow; she picks up...
Angelo: Hey suga.. (pantin profusely)
Nats:What happened?
Angelo: I am takin a shortcut.. Am runnin there.. Gimme a min.. DONT MOVE.. will be there in a min!!!
Nats: Okie (the unmistakeable tone of doubt)
Angelo: Alrite!! I jus want u to turn around; coz I see you..

There he was, in all his glory.. Standin tall at 6'1"... Broad shouldered, lean guy... Just as he had described, jus as she had pictured him!!!They walked towards each other... They hugged, like they had never hugged b4.. She kissed him on the neck, a light peck, while they still hugged!! They separated slowly, and he began walking.... He wasnt even holdin her hand, but she could feel the energy flow between em.. It was at its peak.. She so badly wanted to hold him for longer, kiss him, make love to him...

Nats: So how many ppl r there at ur friend's?
Angelo: Well around 7 of em!!!
Nats: Errr..Do they know am comin?
Angelo: Of course.. I hav been jumpin like a monkey the whole day.. Waitin for u to come here..
Nats: Okie
Angelo: You wait n watch now... I'm gonna get u high on some weed as well.. Then lets c who cares bout how many ppl are around...
Nats: I thought I told you.. No weed for me.. Am clean..
Angelo: You think I will let u go jus like tat? (sinister smile spreadin across his face)

She felt a shiver go down her spine.. "Just exactly what did he have in mind?", she wondered!!
She hung her head low and walked along side him.. Strugglin to keep up wid him...



Creation said...

Alright.. powercut here... Had just opened your blog and before i closed it (without reading the post, yes).. just wanted to tell you that i loved the template.. like.. totally completely lurved it!! :D

indie-homer said...

i m waiting with my pants down for the next god woman..........cut the tension and do it already.........

Tabitha said...

@ Kreation.. I love the template too.. its not too drab, not too over the top either.. Jus about that comfortable spot in btwn eh!!!

@Indie... Keep those pants off.. Hav a treat in store for u!! Lol!!