Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real Unreal - The end!!!

After he’d run away, Ruth walked up to the door, a sinister smile spread on her face and shut the door.
“Aarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh” he sat up in bed, as he yelled. Cold sweat had formed beads on his forehead. His palms were sweaty.
He walked over to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on his face. He couldn’t remember much of what had happened the previous night. All he knew was that he was angry. For some reason, his anger was directed towards Ruth.
He walked down the stairs; the house was pretty dark, with the curtains still pulled.
“Mom, dad, Ruth; where is everyone?” he shouted, in vain. No reply came.
Suddenly the door bell began ringing. “Tim, is that you, son? Open up, it’s me, Mrs. Jones.”
Finally, he heard a familiar voice. He walked up to the door; and opened it. Suddenly there were a lot of flashlights in his face. He shut the door behind him. He went hysterical with all the lights.
“Tim, open up, son!” Mrs. Jones called out.
“The lights” was all he managed to say.
“No more lights, I promise you”, she said, reassuringly.
Tim opened the door. This time there were no flashlights; but there was one more man with Mrs. Jones.
“Arrest him, officer!” Mrs. Jones declared.
“Why? What? Why are you arresting me?” Timothy yelled, in despair. “Where are mom and dad?” he demanded to know.
“You want to know where your mom and dad are! Come with me”, said Mrs. Jones. She led him to his parents’ bedroom. There was blood splashed over the walls. But what was even more grotesque was the fact that his parents’ naked bodies lay splattered over the bed. Their organs had been gutted out. Numerous slash-marks covered their body.
“Who did this?” Timothy yelled.
“You did”, said the police officer.
“I wouldn’t… I couldn’t…” Timothy pleaded.
“Handcuff him”, ordered the senior FBI official.
“Where’s Ruth?” Timothy asked.
“She’s missing!” Mrs. Jones said. “Tell us, what did you do to her?” she asked accusingly.
“I didn’t even touch her” Timothy shouted; but nobody seemed to be paying any heed to what he was saying.
“What’s the murder weapon in question here?” asked the senior official.
“An old shovel sir. We found it in the trunk of his car. It is splattered with blood marks”, responded the forensic expert.
“We also found this shirt that was crumpled up and dumped in a bag. It was lying in one corner of his closet. It’s covered with mud.”
“Maybe he was wearing it at the time of the murder”, the forensic expert suggested.
“What about the wound on his leg. He’s limping” said the senior officer.
“He must have hurt himself during the act; or maybe it’s a ploy to distract us.”
The senior investigating officer nodded his head in approval.
“Excuse me, sir!” said one of the junior officials who had just rushed in. “They have found 3 bodies near the lake. Onlookers, including students, have identified the bodies as Ms. Kimberley Hedger, Mr. Nathaniel Hedger and Ms. Ruth Johansson.”
“No… No… No… This can’t be happening. I didn’t do anything” Timothy said, as he sank to the floor. He passed out.
Timothy was produced in court two days later. All the evidence was pointing straight at him. The court was left with no option but to pronounce him guilty. He was to serve ‘life imprisonment’. He was being spared a death sentence. He didn’t even know why he was being tortured to live so.
He was thrown into an empty cell. He landed hard on the stone cold floor. He curled up into the fetal position; and cried himself to sleep that night.

“Tim, Tim, wake up”, came a voice.
Timothy sat up; the sunlight was streaming into the entire cell. He looked at his hands and his feet. He felt much better than he did last night.
The knocking on the door continued. “Timothy, Timothy, wake up.”
Timothy looked around confused. He wasn’t in a cell. He was in the warmth of his own room.
He scratched his head, wondering what exactly had happened. He opened the door. His mom stood at the door, her smile intact.
“You’re going to be late for your submission. Didn’t you tell me that you had some submission to make today?” she asked, as she walked into his room, and began straightening his bed.
“Ummm… Yes…” he replied, still unsure of what was happening. He mechanically began walking around the room, picking up all the books that were scattered all over the floor.
He freshened up and walked down the stairs. As he was walking down the stairs, he felt a piercing pain on his right thigh. He winced in pain; and sat down on the stairs.
“What’s it, son?” Mom asked, as she ran to his rescue.
“It hurts”, he said.
“Wait, let me have a look at it” Mom said, as she pulled up his shorts.
“I can’t see anything” Mom said. Suddenly the pain disappeared.
Timothy hurried through breakfast. “I’m leaving, Ma!”
“I’ll come with you”, Ruth yelled from her room.
“You’ll make me late” he yelled back. “I’m off, ma!” he said, as he picked his bag off the chair.
Ruth held her hand against the door, blocking his path. “I told you I’m coming with you” she said; as she drummed her nails on the door.
Timothy froze in his tracks. She was dressed in black, from head to toe - black leggings, with a black strappy top, with black ear-rings.
He pulled her strap off her shoulder; and there it was – a pink heart shaped tattoo, with some writing in the center. ‘N & R’, it read.
“Hey, how did you know about this?” Ruth yelled, as she quickly pulled the strap back up.
“What’s it?” Mom yelled from the kitchen.
“Nothing” Ruth yelled back; as she dragged me out of the house.
“Ruth, is it Nathan?” he asked her, as we sat in the car.
“Sweet Mother of Jesus!!! You have got to stop freaking me out like this!!! How did you know?” she exclaimed in shock.
“Nothing, I just had a hunch”, Timothy said. He kicked under his seat; and his foot met metal. The shovel was still there.
“Did Nathan tell you?” Ruth asked, excitedly.
“No, but his sister did”, Timothy said.
“Oh great, so now everyone is in the know”, she smiled and said.
“Yes, and like they say ‘The more the merrier’”, said Timothy, as he smirked at himself in the rearview mirror.


Tushar said...

My GOD! It's brilliant!

Tabitha said...

Thank u tushie.. U know wat... Ur amongst those rare few who appreciated tis story!!!

Over the top said...

Hi, my very first read ! It was really good, kept me at the edge of my seat ! god bless !

Tabitha said...

I am glad u liked it...

cinnamon-o-fied chocolat said...

every sentence i was wondering whats gonna happen next!brilliant write