Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back !!!

The last time I actually sat down to type out a blog post was in the month of April... Yeah, Yeah!! I cant believe how lazy I have gotten...

The good thing --> I cant afford to be lazy anymore... Starting 1st June, I start the new job... So no more lazy afternoons for me (unless my office can afford it)...

The bad thing --> No lazy afternoons... Isn't tat bad enuf???

The best thing --> I am going to be blogging for money!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! And for those who think that will take the fun outta writing, all I have to say is 'QUIT BEING CYNICAL'...

I hope all goes well !!! And tat I actually actually enjoy doing this job!!!

Am off for now!!! Hope to be hitting on these keypads sooner than later!! :) :)