Friday, May 29, 2009

Tabiness unveiled!!!

So Tabi writes all these posts... Says she has the key to the world of Tabiness...Tells you about her family, ex bf, friends, male BFFs and Jecky too!!! But who is Tabi?? Lets try n analyze that lil thought for awhile!!!

Name : Tabitha Thomas

A.K.A.: Tabi, Tabsi, Tabz, Tabutai, n the latest one is 'T'; but 'T' is a patented name, so you cant think of using it for me now!!!

Age: Currently 21, turnin 22 this year

Relationship status: At the brink of a newly formed relationship (No more questions pls)

Educational Qualifications: B.A. in Sociology from St.Xavier's College, Mumbai

Future plans:


  • Wanna pursue my Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

Work wise:
  • Have started my own venture titled 'Evolution Events and Promotions' wid Mr.Bhavik;
  • Another venture plan wid a certain company
  • Handlin PR and Marketing for a website called
So wat is a typical 'Tabi' day like??

There is no definite answer to that (and this suits me the best coz i hate monotony). Every day is different and unique... After I left college, post my graduation, I haven't really had a routine of sorts (except for the short times that I held 9-5 kinda jobs)

How is today gonna be? (29th May, 2009)
I just got back from Dombivali today morn (had gone there to visit the cousins) and am as tired as hell rite now (Perhaps I look as hell as well; lemme check)

I plan on goin back to Dombivali in the afternoon again, since my dearest friend Samip wants to get a tattoo done from another friend of mine who has his workshop at Dombivali!!! So up n down it is for me...

Tia (my neice) woke up cryin today (she saw a bad dream) and was quite pleased to see me back home (she was missin me awwwwwwwwwww) !!! So now am sittin wid her (alongside me she sits) and helpin her out wid her colourin book...

Bhavik bhai will call me in sometime (am sure) and we will discuss work (as usual) and plan things... (we plan really well... So when u need a weddin planner, make sure its us!!)

I will go on to talk to the new Mr. RB in my life (heeheehee)... I love the feelin of bein wid someone and having someone to be wid u!!! So will talk to RB until he can (he works)... What's great is that we both r scorpions!!!

Random facts:

  • My previous relationship was a 3 yr relationship that didn't work out (for whatever reasons); but luckily for us we are still in touch!!!
  • I have been stubborn (ever since I can remember) and my sis used to call me 'Terror Tabi!!!
  • I used to write a diary...Haven't been regular recently!!!
  • I am missin spendin time wid Hiral (classmate from school) , cant believe she is gettin married this yr!!!
  • Andria, my BFF from college, is leavin Mumbai this year... Am sooooo sad!!! Am gonna miss tat girl... She's angry wid me (for all the rite reasons); but I am just unable to get myself to face her!!!
  • Diksha is still my fav BFF!!! (Yipeeeeeeeeee)
  • I miss the whacky times spent wid Kavita, Tasha, Ron, Frames, Foehn, Nitin, Nidhi!!!
  • A pigeon has laid 2 eggs in the grill of the hallroom window!!!
  • Dad's busy rearrangin things in the house ( he loves doin that )
  • I am plannin on readin (continuing the book is more like it) 'The World Is Flat'
  • I wanna take a trip (mebbe wid RB)
  • Trixie darlin is happy to c me home!!!1 Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I missed her a lot man!!!
  • I feel the need to go to Xavier's soon again... Missin college...
  • I have gotten back to bloggin wid a vengeance!!!
  • When it comes to jeans, my loyalties lie wid Pepe...
  • I wanna get more piercings on my ear (I have 5 on each ear and one nose piercing already)
I am runnin outta things to say rite now.. Haven't slept the whole nite!!! So am sleeeeeepyyyy... Goodnite/morn for now!!! Cya later!!!