Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr. Jecky and Tabi Hydes!!!

It is only recently that I started working wid tis website called I handle the PR and Marketin of this website...

But this is definitely not the 1st time I have been introduced to the concept of clubs, pubs, lounges, etc!!! This is a sphere wherein I found my footing ever since I was younger...

The best part bout the way I look is that I could pass off as a 22 yr old even when I was 16. Lolz... The joys of life!!!

I still remember the 1st time I entered a club was one christmas... This happened thanks to a certain friend of mine (Let's call her Diane for now....Wudnt wanna take her name here) A very flustered Diane called me one christmas...When she called up, she didn't even wish me 'Merry christmas'.. Her opening statements were 'You've gotta help me!!! Please Please Please!!!' I kept wondering wat was happenin... Had something gone wrong? Terribly wrong!!!

'Whats wrong girl?' I asked... After hearin her reply I couldn't help but laugh.. Actually it was more like ROFL!!!! The guy she had a crush on had asked her out.. They were to go to a club at Pheonix Mills for the Christmas bash there... But the issue was that he had just started drivin, so his parents wouldn't give him the car... He would get the car only if his cousin could come along with him... His cousin was 22 and had been drivin for 4 yrs!!!

So she needed a date for the chaffeur cousin!! N who better than Tabi dearest!!! So Tabi to the rescue it was... I decided to go.. Then she gave me the good news... I had to wear green, silver, red or white since it was a christmas bash!!! I, Tabi, was officially gonna look like a christmas tree... And I had the balls (the chaffeur cousin) for decoration... All I could do now was pray that he was cute lookin or could atleast talk!!! (and was non gujju)

Coz I used to pray everyday and God loves me very much, He sent for me the young and not so dashing Mr. Jecky... Oh yeah!! That's his name... Nothin nicknamey bout it!!! Jecky it was... he was gonna be my date for the nite!!!

The unmistakeable accent (gujju ofcourse) was made worse by the fact that he had jus come down from Gujarat) !!! The rest of the nite, as goes widout sayin, was a disaster!!!!

That nite passed (dont ask me how).. I hate Diane till date!!! But worse was to come.. Around a month later I received a call from a certain Deepak...This is wat the conversation sounded like:

T: Hello
D: Hello!! Is dees Taybee?
T: Yes this is Tabi... Who is this?
D: Dees is Deepak!!! Jecky's frand!!!
T: Why did u call me?
D: Jecky is a bery deer frand of mine... he tell me dat eef u evar go to mumbai, u shud be callin Taybee, she is a dearest frand and will go wid u to the deesco!!!
T: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt?
D: Hello?? Hello??

The joys of Nightlife didnt come easy eh!!!


Anonymous said...

hey tabi,,,,i loved ur lucid n coherent style,,, smooth crisp !

we surely can gel after all we share the same tastes,,,gujjus turn me off too( the guys ),,,the guys r sissy,,,the babes r,,,,errrr,,,,HOT,,,,check them out,,,,just ensure they dont speak except for the moans,,which is but expected during pleasure moments.


Tabitha said...

@ Raunak... I agree!!! To every word spoken... I somehow cant see myself dating a guy who has more flowers on his shirt than I have had collectively on all my frocks since childhood!!! :) :) :) About the women... No comments!!!