Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nightlife part 2

My stories about nightlife in Mumbai are as colourful as they are varied!!! I am now gonna tell you about a few interesting people I met coz of nightlife in Mumbai and its effects on me!!!

Hawaiin Shack has to be the one place instrumental in having gotten me introduced to some amazin people (some forgettable; others not)

This time, however, I choose to begin with a certain Mr. A that I met at A thumb, but like a diamond amongst pebbles!!!

It all began this way... 2 of my female friends, my ex n me decided to go to Hawaiin one obscure wednesday nite!!! (FYI, Hawaiin is generally crowded on wednesdays owing to the 'midweek' concept) It definitely was crowded.. Since Soh didnt wanna stay on the ground floor n preferred listening to Hip-Hop, we decided to go to the 1st floor... (Shacks allows you to choose btwn the 1st n the ground floor, with the djs playin retro on the ground floor n hip hop/bollywood on the 1st!!!)

Soh, Ak, Bipin n me began dancing.. Soon Ak noticed a guy.. She found him cute.. Awwww!!! He was cute.. "Tabi, you have a boyfriend and he is rite here wid u", I reminded myself...

As irony would have it (or as life wud) it turned out that he seemed more interested in Soh!!! So we asked Soh to go for it!!! He bought us a round of drinks (Yipeeeeeeeeee) and then we went out for a smoke, coz he needed one!!!

While we were in the smoker's lounge, he asked us wat our plans were after the Shack closes down? (which was somewhere around 1:30 a.m.) We didnt have plans.. N that's exactly what we told him.. He then suggested we cud all go to his place, since he stayed in Andheri n his flatmates were outta town or we cud also ask his friend for some suggestions!!!

That's when it struck me; he did have someone else sittin wid him when we had entered... Hadnt seen that guy for a long time after those initial few glances exchanged!!! "So where is your friend?", I asked... "He's havin a hookah upstairs !!" (One more speciality of Hawaiin shack)

Post 1:30, when Shack was finally closin down, we all gathered for a final meet... We were still unsure bout our plan, when Adil's (the cute guy) friend came down.. That's when I saw him for the 1st time!! "Avinash", he introduced himself; and gave me one of the firmest handshakes I have ever received.. I was impressed!!! Avinash suggested that we go back to his thane place since it was an empty flat!!! More alcohol was collected on the way and we were on our way back to thane!!!

Mr. Avinash turned out to be a really chilled out guy!!! We spent the entire nite drinkin and singin ghazals!!! What a lovely nite that was!!!

Around 3 hours later, I looked around and noticed that Adil n Soh weren't in the room!! Ak n Bips had slept off... N Avi n I were left awake!!! That's the exact moment when we started talkin for the 1st time!!!

Avi later took me for one of his workshop thingies!!! Was a lotta fun... He also introduced me to Erica... I have been able to keep in touch with Adil, Erica and Avi... So Hawaiin Shack, I can proudly say, was the place I was destined to meet these 3 people (tho thats not technically where I met Erica) ... Had it not been for that one night out on the town, I would still have been oblivious to their existence!!!