Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Male BFF !!!!

Everyone writes about their friends or about their families...Today am gonna write bout a man who makes it to both the categories for me!!!

He is definitely the first of his kind in my life!!! He is my first ever 'Girlfriend'... I cant call him anythin else!!! Coz here is a man who understands me better than most of my chicka friends... I can talk to him through the nite... Bytch bout the women creatin havoc in my life... Hug him when I need a big manly hug.... Have him snuggle up to me sometimes when he needs me to pamper him!!! But all in all he is my 'dadda' in disguise!!! Constantly lookin out for me, like no one has ever b4!!!

He is one man who I can sock in the face when am angry and who I can blabber out the darkest confessions to knowin that he will never eva tell anyone (even if he does, he wont give out my identity; or so i hope!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr)

He is definitely my BFF... N for those of you girls who do not wat categories of Male BFFs u need to have, I am gonna give u a small run through the categories... Every female needs to have male friends like these!!!

1. The macho man - He is the kinda man who will take care of u... No matter where u r... No more eve teasin atleast when he's around!!! Constantly flexin those muscles, he will look like
ur very own personal bouncer

2. The poet - He is the man who is in touch wid his emotional side and has no issues with emoting himself.. This is the kinda man who will write lovely poetry for u (yea, men can do that for friends too) He will keep u on ur toes constantly and make sure u always know wats on the Top 10 list of Crosswords!!!

3. The sensitive man - He is like the guy who you can run to when u need a listenin ear!!! He is there for u, wid a handkerchief ready!!! Love these kinds.. Personal favourites!!!

4. The techie - He is the guy who is gonna take care of all those innumerable virus infections on your computer.. He is gonna answer all your technology related queries even if its 4 in the morn!!!

5. The mechanic - This is a guy who is good wid cars.. he will be reminding u bout the last time you changed your car's oil... Etc etc etc.. You get the point.. Dont u??

6. The biker - This is the man who gets
ur whacky side out.. You can go on long bike rides wid the man... This is a man who doesnt care wat ur hair looks like, if its helmet hair that u've got!!! Actually helmet hair is better!!!

7. The softie - He is the man who will do the romantic things that you wanna do wid a man (excludin the sex)... You can go for quiet lil dinners.. Discuss philosophy ova wine... (If luck has rite, he mite be gay... so no sex for u here girl)

8. The BFF - For all those of you who dont know wat it stands for, BFF means 'Best Friend Forever'.. A BFF then is someone who has a lil of all these qualities rolled into one, or atleast knows how to make u feel like the center of their world, when u dont hav a lover to do so for u!!!

To all my male friends, this is my way of saluting you and all the times you guys have been there for me!!! Love ya'll!!!