Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Familial Ties

As I went through my mails today, I came across this one statement in some random fwded mail, that caught my attention

This is a totally true statement.. Anyone and everyone who shares basic cordial relationships with his/her family would agree wid me here (I can almost see you shaking ur heads in agreement)...

If I have to begin talking bout my family, I would (no I definitely will) win the award for the most long running post of the century... So to make this a lil more enjoyable (and to make for easy readin), am gonna split up the posts!!! The corresponding posts may or may not have a direct relation to the previous and need not be in continuation either...

Lemme introduce you to the cast in question here (my beloved family)... Luckily for me; all of us are blessed with a NONsense of humour!! Lolz!!

Dadda , Mamma (who generally stay at Muscat)
Tony (My bro), Amrita (sis in law), Tia (their daughter and my neice)
Tessie (My sis who I lovingly call Tessa) and Sam (bro in law)
Trixie (ma beloved four legged friend - ma doggie)

Omanty (my mom's sister) and her hubby
Sheena a.k.a Sheensi (daughter) Aneesh (Son)

Sumanty (mom's youngest sis) and hubby
Yash a.k.a Sonu and Shrey a.k.a Babloo (their sons)

Dony and Delfi (Mom's 1st cousins)
Minni (Dony's wifey)
Johnson (Delfi's hubby)

Okay Okay, I'm slowing down... Dont worry...Am not expectin u to remember all these names... You will get familiarized wid them in the comin posts!!!

These are the members of my family that I have a feeling I am gonna write about... Generally a person writin bout family would prefer to start off by writing bout immediate family; I, however, choose to write bout my lil adventures wid my kid cousins ova the last one week... (Typically Tabi to choose the unexpected topics)

The last couple of weeks have been harrowing for me, wid pressure on me to choose wat course I wanna pursue when it comes to my further studies!!! Is it advertising and marketin or do I wanna do my event mgmt?? Questions questions and some more questions!!

I needed a break, and jus wen I needed it, my favourite people in the world (I love mom n dad too; so dont get judgemental or nethin) called and told me that we were to meet at Sheensi's place...It promised to be a fun week, wid Omanty, Sheensi, Aneesh, Sumanty, Sonu and Babloo... I was, as always, gonna be the garnish!!!

This time, however, given my time constraints, I would only be able to give em a day or so.... Work's been keepin me busy!!! (Read BHAVIK)

I reached here on sunday afternoon... And as most sunday afternoons are, this one was as lazy as the laziest of em!!!

The kids (read sonu and babloo), aunta n sheensi were playin monopoly!!! The new and improved monopoly (available only at select outlets - Big Bazaar, Lifestyle, etc), now includes a debit card of sorts!!! No more paper money!!! No torn notes, No flyaways!!! The world is turnin into one huge plastic globe!!!

I couldn't really get a hang of the game... So I just watched!!! We went on to play the game at nite as well!!! But all that only after our usual evening teas (coupled with our usual gossip sessions and giggly us)

I was to leave the next day (Monday); but as expected, I never got down to to leaving the next day!!! I eventually left only on Wednesday... (Tis also was outta sheer lack of choice, Wednesday was my neice Tia's bday!!! So we all headed back to my place to wish the lil one!!! She turned 5 today)

The 4 days spent in Dombivali seemed like a break, a much needed one!!! Our days were spent playin Monopoly and Stock Exchange!!!

Stock Exchange happens to be one of the more interesting and informative games I have seen in recent times!! The game involves the shares of 5 companies being traded wid a fixed amount being given out the players at the beginning of the game... It is especially an apt game for sonu n babloo given the fact that their dadda dearest deals wid the share market in reality.. It gave them an idea about the kind of tensions that he deals with in real life!!!

All the days spent wid these members of my family turn out to be enjoyable n funny to the core... We always come back smilin, wishin we had more time together!!!

I mite end up writin more about these few days (at Dombivali) in the days to come!!! So watch this space for more!!!