Saturday, June 06, 2009

College randomness

I jus noticed that I hadnt written much bout my college days.. So many memories; never documented... I think its a lil unfair... Good memories and bad memories alike, the 5 yrs I spent in Xavier's were the bestest 5 years of my life.. (subject to argument)

I entered college for the 1st time in July 2003... (Yeah, am still young, for all those of you who didnt realize or had jus plain forgotten) I will never forget the fear tat gripped me while I walked to college... I specifically remember, it was rainin (okie so it wasnt pourin, but it was a steady drizzle)....

As I walked towards college, I saw these coupla chicks walkin towards college... I dunno wat got into em, but they asked me if I was headin towards Xavier's... I nodded my head in agreement.. They asked me to walk wid em.. So I did... It was a nice,short walk, wid em familiarizin me wid the names for the various spots in college... Like they told me to look out for the crowd in the FOYER; or the wannabe couples in the WOODS; or the poetry club havin its meeting at the HOSTEL STEPS!!! It sounded like fun... Like they were passin on a legacy of sorts!!!

So I went along with the flow... My 1st step towards a new life!!! I entered, shiverin, tremblin wid excitement, almost like a newly wed bride enterin her in-law's place for the 1st time... I stepped into Xavier's... Hardly did I know, my life was gonna change forever, from that moment on!!! N how it did!!!

Xavier's you gave me roots and wings!!!! Honest!!!