Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boom, bash, dhoosh!!!

Okie, for one, tat title has nuttin to do wid sense.. It's all about the nonsensical things happenin to me this one day..


4:45 am: I go to sleep post a long winded conversation wid my dear dear Sylvy (Okie Sheensi, hold onto ur horses, will tell u more bout him in our next convo)

7:00 a.m: TRINGGGGGGGG... Alarm rings.. I hit snooze!! (Well, dont we all love the snooze button)

7:30: Alarm rings again... Hit snooze again...

8:00: Alarm rings... I get up this time....

8:10: Groggy me (well, I hardly slept... Do the math) calls up Bhavik to wake him up.. Cheerful Bhavik (well, almost cheerful) answers the phone to temme he has been up since like 6:00 am...

8:15: Note to self - Bhavik's been up since 6, which means he is gonna be ready in time.. Dash to the bathroom...

8:20: Enter Bathroom (Well... DONT get too graphic here)

8:30: Exit Bathroom

8:45: Tabi is ready... (She cant believe it... She's never ready in time)

9:00: Call no.2 to Bhavik... Bhavik answers... Says he is shavin... Will take 45 mins more...

Tabi: "U mean 4-5 mins rite?"

Bhavik: "Nope... I mean 45 mins.. like 3/4th of an hour"

9:10: WTF... For the first time in my life I get ready in time and he has to be late...

9:15: Amrita (my sis in law) gets up... We sit n start our girly session (Well, there's more to life than gossip.. But well, who cares)

9:30: We sit to have coffee (Bhavik nowhere in sight as yet)

9:45: Call no.3 to Bhavik....

Tabi: "So wassup!!" (Pls note voice injected with drippin sarcasm)

Bhavik: "Gimme 5 mins.. I am leavin my place"

10:15: Bhavik calls... "Tabi come down quick... I have left my place"

10:30: Bhavik shows up (he stays 5 mins away from my place, eh!! Ahem Ahem)

10:45: Okie post tis we took a train to Dadar n then shifted trains to Bandra.. Luckily I bumped into a friend of mine called Prachi in the train... (I told her I wud add her blog to my blog list as well.. Shall do tat now) Time passed (Basically uneventful shyt)

11:15: We reach Bandra, we take a rick (well Bhavik n me, ofcourse) and when we reach our destination and are gettin off the rick, the strings on my jacket got stuck at some stupid juttin out nail and it just tore.. Yeah... It tore... It jus snapped... N there I was.. Wid a funny lookin jacket now, coz I had to pull off the strings..

A friend of Bhavik's had taken up a weddin event and he was lookin for us to work wid him on tis event... So we were headed to meet the clients and the clients wanted to brief us about some basics et al!!!!

11:30: We reach the house and the moment I enter, it's like the whole world around me went silent.. They were starin at me like I was some bloody alien!!! I went and sat my ass down in a corner.. Bhavik's friend came and Bhavik n Mr.K excused themselves... They needed to have a chat..

11:50: Bhavik returned... Said there was a problem... Said he wud discuss it later.. BUT like I needed to wait until later.. I already knew wat their problem was.. I am not ur typical PYST (Pretty-Young- Slim-Thing) and to add to tat I come under the category of 'not-so-fair' people!!! So tats like DOUBLE TROUBLE.. As luck wud have it, (or rather those prejudist richass fuckers wud) I didnt get the event... So no GOA for me.. (Yeah.. The wedding's at Goa)

12:10: Bhavik felt really bad bout the whole scenario... He blames himself for havin taken me there in the 1st place.. But its nt like he knew this was gonna happen..

Tat was jus the beginning... (Remember, jacket strings snappin and bein reminded of how my looks fitted the criteria of 'conventionally ugly')

12:15: Then we headed back to Bandra station.. And it began pourin... Since Bhavik had asked me to wear formal shoes, I was in heels, tat werent meant for the monsoons (Tats a lovely pair of heels ruined for life; and they were pretty new too)...

12:30: We then got into the train and I sat down to call Diksha and mom.. (I had to talk to someone!!!) As I was talkin to Mom, I didnt realize when Dadar came n went and I missed my station.. Luckily I realized it soon enuf to get off at Elphinstone.. (Bhavik waited back at Dadar station)

12: 45: When I got off at Elphinstone, since the height of the platform was very low, I had to literally jump off the train; and given the fact that I was wearin heels I twisted my ankle... Its still hurtin like a bytch!!!

12:47: I walked ahead n went to wipe the beads of sweat formin on my brow... My bangles got stuck on my nose stud and it got pulled out... REALLY REALLY HARD.. It started bleedin.. I didnt care bout the blood.. I cared bout the stud.. Tat was my fav stud... I hunted and hunted and found it... But I couldnt put it back on until I was home, coz I needed a mirror to do the same..

12:50: I walked up ahead to the bridge and crossed ova to Parel (Okie Okie... I bought a ticket.. Spare me the moral policin) And as luck (or rather lack of it) would have it, I had to slip on the stairs of the foot-over-bridge... Dham karke giri main... Landed on my ass.. Shyt.. So now tat hurts too!!!

1:10: I meet Bhavik at Dadar stn... We are talking bout the entire mishap when the train arrives.. Bhavik runs to get in.. By nw, am in no condition to run (skirt, heels, bleedin nose, et al)
So I get into the ladies (Yeah.. It had to be a 9 car train when they had announced 12... It was all about that day...)

1:11: We get into the train... And this blessed woman (well it was more like $%##%) who was rushing to get off the train, rams into me and stamps my foot wid all her might.. My toe nail cracks and the next thing I know is this... Would u ever guess it?? Yes... It started bleedin.. WOW...

Okie... So the list didnt end here.. A lot of shyt happened post this as well.. But aint even goin there... I think we all know wat happens next...

Talk bout me remebering the hymn we learnt as kids in Sunday School:
"This is the day that the Lord hath made,
We will rejoice and be glad in it"

Yeah Rite!!!


Creation said...

Murphy uncle haunting you too, eh?

Kick him in the arse and tell him to go take a hike..

I know it'd feel really awful right now..
but just give it 2 days and you'd already be laughing at the distaster this days was.

Take care.. and please DO take care..!!


The Rat... said...


talk abt rotten.... :-( shucks...some real il luck huh....

take care tabby, it wont last long :-)

Zendagi Migzara said...

O! MY! GOD!!! Total Apocalypse...

Hope your ankle-nose-ass are better now :)...

TCCIC.. *Hugs*...

* As Creation said, m actually waiting for you to narrate the whole thing in the "Tabsi Style" with some garnish and icing!! And we would be rolling with laughter :D

hary!! said...

yu ought to wear some protective gear next time...yu are more clumsy(just kiddin!) than i am! at leas i used to drop stuff like flour and powder and tin on my head! phew there can be rotten days like this sure!! hope the worst !wat a Taby world!

Tabitha said...

@ All of you concerned people!!!

Today was like one of the bestest laugh infected days of my life.. So I think the tide is already turnin!!!

Stupidosaur said...

Most bad days happen when you haven't slept the previous night.

Thats the truth written out there in glaring big bold letters.

Out where? In my life. And in hundreds of random bad day blog posts around. They all begin with how the person woke up after very little or no sleep. Just like this post of yours.

Hope the injuries are healing!

Sleep tight.
Wake up bright.
All will be right!

(Not that I myslef live upto that ideal. In fact far from it :P)

Tabitha said...


I agree wid u on most of tat!!! But its nice to know tat u dont practice wat u preach.. LOL!!!