Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doggie Dearest

I must have been like 11 or somethin when tis happened!!! Mom hated dogs (well not technically, she was just as scared as one can be)... She was the only one partially 'anti-dogs' in the family... The rest of us (Dadda, Toncha, Tess n me) were game for a pet... (Although Tess and I always wanted a monkey for a pet... N mom refuted it under the pretext of 'I already have 3 monkeys... Cant deal wid one more') Yeah!! Whatever!!

Anyways, one fine day, Dad n Tess decided to go 'subzi shoppin'.. When they got back, they handed the bag with all the veggies to mom... N all we heard later was a loud scream..

"Yikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss!!! What on earth have u done Tom!!!" screamed mom...

All this while am still wondering wat all the fuss was about... So I decided to go take a sneak peek into the bag n there she was... My angel.. Tat furry lil creature; lookin up at me, wid her moist innocent hopeful eyes... Gleamin wid mischief and life... Waitin to be rescued... Wonderin wat the fuss was all about... She was about the size of both my palms cupped together and had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen...

There... In the flash of a second (and mom's scream that could have given the Ramsay brothers a run for their money) our family had expanded... She was now a part of our family... An indispensable part... A new member.. Our very own baby... I was personally thrilled... Bein the youngest of the family, I had never had the chance of havin a younger sibling.. So this was my 1st shot at bein 'responsible' or whatever... So I took great pride in sittin alongwith the others while we thot of a name for her... TRIXIE was a unanimous choice!!

So Trixie it was goin to be... She was the new baby of the house... She slept in a shoebox... (It was the cutest thing) And then she chose an alternative spot... the bottom of the teapoy... She jus chose it, willingly, voluntarily, wid absolutely no probin at all... That place is still hers for the taking...

I will never forget this one time when dad, a couple of my friends, trixie n me went out hiking... We regularly used to (once upon a time) scale the hills close by.. (I stay like 5 mins away from Yehur Hills) We took like a never before taken track while comin down, and dad n trix were leadin the way... Dad used to always take the leash off her.. So she used to keep prancin around like a lil deer... Somewhere along the line, a few of the girls noticed an interestin flower and asked my dad about it (The man is quite knowledgeable in this field)... So they stopped to study it.. And Snega (my bldg pal) and me moved ahead... Trixie thot I was behind em and on comin down the tracks n not findin me ran back all the way up till the top of the hill to look for me...(Since there were no mobile phones durin those days) Dad came runnin down and told me wat was happenin... All I had to do was whistle once and she came galloping down; as fast as she could... Oh, I couldn't help but hug her... My cuddly lil girl!!! Oh, how I love her!!

N then there was the time when a friend of mine came over in the evenin to meet me.. it turned out, he was really good at mimicking animal noises... He started imitating a yelping pup... Trixie went bonkers... She practically started lookin around the whole house and wonderin 'where the hell is that damned pup tats makin life miserable for me' !!! Hilarious shyt..

And then there was the time when mom n I decided to watch 'MARLEY AND ME' much to the dismay of my father... Coz he was sure we were gonna cry buckets in the end... N no prizes for guessin who won.. WE DID CRY BUCKETS... Anyone (well anyone and everyone wid a heart) who has a dog would have loved the movie.. You can relate to it and connect with the characters and their emotions... Especially the parts when the dog starts showin difficulties in climbin up the stairs.. I so can relate to tat (I stay in an older bldg, so we dont hav a lift; we have to climb up 3 floors) One day, in the process of racin up the stairs (like she used to do when she was a pup) and she lost her balance or slipped or somethin and landed flat on her stomach... She refused to get up for like 10 mins.. It was almost like she had attained enlightenment (well, a rude shocker kinda enlightenment; the kinds we hate)... Reality struck her and struck her hard... She knew she was old now.. She didnt like it... She wanted to be able to race up the stairs like ole times.. But she didnt have it in her anymore.. As I picked her up and climbed up the stairs, I could almost feel her crouchin lower and lower in my arms.. On reachin home, when I placed her down, she ran under the bed and didnt come out the whole day... I am not lyin when I say this.. I cried tat day... I cried like a baby...

I so love this girl.. When my folks were away, she was the only one to keep me company.. I have cried wid her, laughed wid her.. She knows when am happy (she wags her tail in excitement); she knows wen am sad (she hangs her head low and her tail is no longer perched up) and when am angry, she tries to calm me down... My very own mood reflector.. I love it when she constantly nudges me to pet her... She has these lil ways of tellin me exactly wat she wants (I dont need one of those stupid gadgets that they have come out wid... The dog interpreter thingie... Silly idea)

In short, she has stayed for me for almost half my life now (am turnin 22 this yr)... I really dunno how I would hav made it widout her!!! Love u trixupixu!!! Muahs...

P.S: I know a lot of dog lovers will connect wid this post at some level or the other.. I hope I mirrored ur thots as well!!!


Zeba Talkhani said...

Dog is something I could never have for a pet, but maybe because of this reason I had a string of pets till I finished growing UP! I felt the same about each of them as you feel for you dog!

You might want to read about them here-

Nilesh said...

I loooooooooove dogs too! They are simply adorable..but i could never keep one..for want of space and lack of other dog lovers in the family.

We have a Labrador in our building...and i absolutely love him! Pamper him to the hilt..

There is something about dogs...they arent just pets...they are companions..give love and take ado there..

Btw, i wanna watch marlery and me..the DVD isnt out on the shelf yet, or is it?