Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's college without ma girlfriends...

I must start out writin this post with an apology to the millions I may forget to mention here... Pls dont hate me... My memory fails me sometimes!!!

This is an ode to all the women who made life in Xavier's easier (or sometimes tougher) for me!!!

Pls note - FM stands for Favourite Memory

ANDRIA: I dunno wat i wud do without the woman... I cant think of college life widout thinkin of her... My girl.. I still have her no. saved under that name on my cellphone...

FM: There are a million, but I had to choose this one... Walkin down that Sterling street tryin to do wat u remember!!!

VIVEKA: She's ma soul sister... One year wid her and I knew Xavier's as a totally different world... She changed ma life, as so did she change me... I miss hangin wid her!! Make a trip soon woman!!!

FM: The towel ramp show at Veka's place and the Autorickshaw dance!!!

JANICE: She was my pillar of strength... She stood by me when I needed her the most... I still remember the lengthy discussions we used to have... Nothin frivolous about any of our conversations..

FM: Goin over to her place to discuss our notes and endin up on a conversation bout our future plans...

NATASHA MONTY: Good things do come in small packages... She is livin proof for it... I owe it to Andu for havin introduced her n me.. This is one woman I am still in touch wid.. N i love her for it!!! Thanks nats (ma dancin partner)

FM: The back rub in the train.. This one has to win hands down!!!

TINA: This woman knows how to get her way... Zingy and zestful, she's ma mallu sis... I love u girl... A dancer by nature, she sure knows how to live life kingsize...

FM: Spendin those 3 days at ur place.. We were upto a lotta shyt, but I love bein around u all the time!!

SOHINI: This dynamite met me really late in ma college life, but we've held on even a year after we really started socializin... A woman who knows how to speak her mind, u cant definitely mess wid her!!!

FM: Definitely the farewell nite and post that the nite out at Akshata's!!!

AYUMI: I never liked her in the beginnin... N later, I never liked people who didnt like her? My sister from another mother (doesnt rhyme I know, but who cares).... Oh, I also remember us beginnin to co-write a book!! Still have the manuscripts from all those PEARL classes??

FM: Discussin the characters of our yet to be published book and all those dance sessions!!

SANCHA: I met this woman in my 3rd and her 1st year in Xavier's... We grew to love each other the way we did... I miss u girl!!!

FM: Her first day of college and our Ambattha trip!!!

NEHA: Who would I travel wid had it not been for her?? Lolz... But there is lot more to our relationship... Common friends = Common gossip... She also introduced me to Ruju...Love u for tat girl!!!

FM: Strugglin to get into the 8 o'clock fast every morn n searchin for tat Byculla loser guy!!!

RUJU: Ma Gujju Ruju made the one hour commute to college easier for me... Laughter galore... Wid her impromptu 'SALE SALE SALE' ads... A gem of a person... Worked wid me on the college mag as well as all those inter-collegiate fests...

FM: Those dance practices for Malhar.... LOlzzz... N all those lazy afternoons in the CC office!!! Lets not forget the day we got stuck at Wadala as well...

SALOME: I met Salome through Andria and I instantly loved this woman...This chubby sweetheart I have always treated like a younger sibling... Love havin her around... Wud give anythin to see her smile...

FM: Those singin sessions in the train and tat one nite out at ur place where we all got zonked!!!

KETKI: Met this woman in FYJC, n we hit it off almost instantly... I wonder where she is these days?? Any clues people??

FM: Goin to crossroads wid Ketki n a few other chicka friends

AMEETA: Woman full of joy... This stick-thin woman (no offense meant there girl) is a bundle of bubbliness... Enjoyed the Ambattha trips wid her and am lucky to have Akshata as our mediator now!!!

FM: Those random Marathi classes in the JC and our Ambattha trip!!The Ambattha reunion wid Ternan!!!

MARTINA: A dog lover, jus like me, this woman is as soft spoken as can be... She and Ameeta share their love for terrible Marathi.... Heheheheh

FM: The Security bash that got ruined coz of inadequate plannin, but then we did have a great time at Boats and the Ambattha reunion wid Ternan!!!

MUKTI: This is a woman with a lot of ZING... She added that spice to everythin around her... Rite from our 'RICKSHAW' song to those fun Hindi lecs wid Asha, we seemed to spread cheer wherever we went... N how can i forget Sancha, her n me posin as Cha-me-li!!!

FM: Cha-me-li!!! Need say more?

SATI a.k.a SNEHAL SHETTY: This tiny lil thing has the energy of a nuclear bomb inside her... A brilliant leader by inherent nature, she was a lot of fun to work wid and was a good role model... Wonder how she will react if she gets to know I have started my own events company now?? Proud of me girl?

FM: Sati dressed up as the idli girl in that stupid play we put up at Sydenham!!!

ATIYA: A woman who knows what she wants, when she wants it and how to get it... Woo hoo... Go power girl... I love hangin wid this girl... Opinionated for the right reasons, she is someone to reckon wid...

FM: Workin on Umang...

VALLARY: This slender beauty is capable of some serious damage, especially when it comes to dancing... She is someone I can talk to, especially about dancing... Keep those dancin shoes on baby...

FM: The dance sessions at my place wid Paul Paul n her!!

NIDHI: AICUF played an important role in the formative years of my college... She was amongst the 1st people to talk to me!!! Thanks girl!!!

FM: She teachin me the ghoomar!!!

AILEEN: She is and was and will always be my role model.. Right from the time I met her in Chennai as a full time AICUFer I loved bein in her company...

FM: Our trip to Manor, was it?

MARY: My sis in crime on the Chennai trip; she, joel (now Br.Joel) and me had a ball!!! She is a woman with a heart of gold.. Could never imagine her angry!!!

FM: Seein the joy on her face when we visited her home in Chennai and met her parents

STEPHANIE: She was the first friend I had in college... Met her durin the orientation... Fell in love wid her instantly... One helluva crazy woman!!!

FM: Takin tat bus to Wadala to go watch some crazy movie in the dome theatre, jus coz we won free tickets!!!

SHAMARA: She, Steph and I were inseperable initially... I loved callin this chick n talkin to her!!! A woman of substance, you feel the warmth when ur in her presence!!!

FM: The long talks on the phone!!! N then meetin up durin Malhar rehearsals for the play!!

PREETI: This woman literally saved our lives.. She gave us a house when we needed it the most (26/7 floods) LOLZ.. This sweetheart here is one gem of a person.. Love u girl...

FM: Traditional day fiesta at Leopolds, wid Aditi, Andu n me!!!

SHARMIN: She may have spent only one year in Xavier's; but I think she is a true blooded Xavierite at heart... Love this whacky girl, inspite of all the scratches and bruises she leaves me wid!!!

FM: The wild arse house parties at her place... Loved every one of em!!!

SONIA: This mallu girl here has the bestest hugs to give everytime she sees me!! My huggable baby... She's one wreck when she's in high spirits tho!!! Lolz!!!

FM: Goin ova to my family friend's place coz she needed to pee.. LOLZ... Andu surely remembers this one!! N her talkin to herself outside PIZZA HUT and the people inside lookin petrified!!!

MOUSHMI: All those long (sometimes shorter) conversations we had, in the foyer, in the SSL office... I remember them all... Our joy when we spoke about animals, the media, etc etc etc!!! We still share all that... Thankfully

FM: Us workin on Arun's project together!!!

EESHA: Ma sister from JC college, tis woman was my objectified definition of 'tongue in cheek'...Never afraid of speakin her mind, she was one strong woman(literally n otherwise)

FM: Eesha gettin drunk on Irish Coffee at Mocha!!! Lolz!!! That was impossible!!!

VAIDEHI: This small lil powerhouse always seemed to know the right answers... Quite a bookworm, I would say.. She was really nonchalant bout the rest of the world (barrin friends ofcourse)

FM: Goin to Goregaon, all of us, jus to chill!!! Was some random fun!!!