Sunday, June 14, 2009

Of women and more

I am gonna begin this post with a statutory warning : All characters bear resemblance to people alive (and kickin) and the stories are NOT fictitious.. However, I refrain from mentioning the time and place to avoid identities being revealed (I don't think they would want the world to know it was em)

I was in for a culture shock the other day... I have been familiarised (quite early on) with the concept of orgies and Lesbian threesomes (Yummmm.. I hear the guys say) However, we bein the quaint lil creatures that we are, we never ever indulged in more than we cud handle (our def of handle - enough of profanity and vulgarity for our parents to faint... We dont wanna kill them....)

But what I have seen in the past coupla months has been enough to kill anyone's parents man!!! Whooooooooo.... I have seen perceptions and images of people that I have created in my head (after years of knowin em) get shattered in less than five minutes...

Demure lil girls, (formerly viewed em as the perennial celebates, one-man-woman kinda creatures) now have turned into anythin but that (sexual predators, one-man-at-a-time kinda chicks - note: at a time can last anywhere btwn a coupla dances to a coupla weeks, am not even talkin months here).

I dont refer to jus one person here.. I refer to an entire bunch (invariably I have to say am a part of the bandwagon myself)

Women my age, datin married men older than em (wid wives n kids et al... Women datin men and dumpin em faster than u can say the word 'Next'; women dating their friend's EXes (in my world unacceptable) ... Women two timing... Women dating minor boys... Women datin divorcees... Women datin jus to date... Women datin since they cant deal with the 'single' tag... Women dating coz they want someone else to foot the bill... Women dating coz they are in love!!!!
(Note: Am not tryin to be judgemental, except for in a case or two, I'm just puttin down my observations here)

Moreover, these are women I have known for years.. Had certain lasting impressions cast in my head (well cast in stone, to be precise) and hav had all those impressions broken... Shattered... Mixed with the dust!!!

I can deal with women datin several men at the same time, et al...But the one thing I cant deal with is women datin married men.. I dunno y, but I jus cant stand the thot of not havin the tag of bein the ONLY WOMAN in my man's life!!! I would hate havin a thought tat sounds remotely like this every morn 'He has a wife for God's sake!!! You're not the only woman in his life... YOU ARE SHARIN YOUR MAN'