Monday, June 22, 2009


Okie... Am pissed... Super pissed, in fact.. This wretch of a thing called 'A' who considers me like his 'younger sis' or somethin lik tat calls me up and starts questionin me bout my drinkin habits..

A: "Tabi, how drunk are you today?"
T: "No, A; am not drunk... I was out wid family the whole day".
A: "No Tabi... U dont get it... Words out tat u hav been drinkin a lot these days!!"
T: "Wat nonsense!!! Who told you this?"
A: "Hav you quit drinkin?"
T: "That can never happen"
A: "Had you gone to Club X the other day"(not mentionin the name for obvious reasons)
T: "Yes I had"
A: "Do you know wat hpnd that day? This random guy who I know as an acquaintance calls me up to inform me tat ur really drunk and tat ur misbehaving"
T: "Ridiculous.. I was sane enuf to control my overly drunk female friend who was wid me... N u call me drunk!!!"
A: "I dunno girl.. I dont want any explanations.. Henceforth, ur not gettin drunk unless u hav me around"
T: "Whaddaaaaaa"
A: "Am serious... Tom when u get married..."
T: "Okie... Hold on a sec.. Y r v talkin marriage??"
A: "Someday or the other you are gonna get married, aren't u??"
T: "Noooooo.. I dont c the compulsion for it"
A: "You know ur parents wud want you to... You will HAVE TO GET MARRIED atleast for their sakes"
T: "What do you want me to do next? Get pregnant for their sakes?"
A: "How can you even speak like that?? Today you're so outspoken n all.. Tom you wil hav to be submissive wid ur husband around"
T: "Wen did I give you the impression that I am the kind of girl who is gonna sit at home belofying rotis for my husband"
A: "Not like you will have too much of an option... All women end up doin that..."
(Losin it completely by now)
T: "I will not get married coz others want me to, get it!!! N I will only once I get a man who is man enuf to share the household chores wid me.. Got anyone in mind?"
A: "Would you like it if my (future) wife wud ask me to do the household chores?"
T: "I would love it if she asked you to...."
A: "But Tabi...."
T: "Fuhget it!!!"

Is this wat I live for??? To get married to some moron who thinks its below his dignity to help out wid the household chores?? Am I goin to be tied up to the house like a cow tied to a post, lest she runs away?? What will I run to?? Another man?? A better future???? I wonder what??

Atleast one thing I know for sure, if I ever do end up with a man, he should be least bothered bout me runnin off to another man.. Coz for me that will be like jumpin from the pan into the fire!! No intentions of doin tat!!!


Zendagi Migzara said...

Some self-professed bloke got nothing better in life or what? So "typical"..

Gosh... You have some characters dominating your life, girl.... The post was just too diplomatic... I would love to hear you out... that would be "serious fun".

sajith viswam said...

In the beginning ther was no clue wats happening... *Dishum* *CHataK* and so many Whaddaaaaaa @#$@#$@!!!;)
And u came to the point with great ease and this Piece I like alot!! "Atleast one thing I know for sure,if I ever do end up with a man, he should be least bothered bout me runnin off to another man.."
Well expressed!!!
I agree with U!!


sajith viswam said...

Btw...A bit late in coming to the blogg....!!! you have a very unique virtual worldd..keep going cheers...

Tabitha said...

I tried callin u today to talk to u and about a lot many more things tat hpnd to me today as well.. Will catch up wid u soon.. Watch out for my next post.. Shud tell u a bit!!!

Thanks for the statement 'You have a very unique virtual world'... Means a lot comin from a fellow blogger like you, who churns out quite a lot of great work himself!!! Thanks also for agreein wid me on the statement tat I made (well, proclaimed, if you may say)